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Hi, I’m Joel

Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach

Joel is a 31 year old Army Veteran. He opened Silverback Xtreme Fitness, a gym located in Conyers; and went from serving his country to serving his community. Helping build Kings and Queens from within, fitness has become Joel's means to help make a healthy lifestyle fun and enjoyable amongst the ranks! #BuiltGorillaTough


Our Classes

Make It Happen Monday

59 min

Legs, Glutes, Abs

59 min

Step X Sweat 

59 min

Thrash Em Thursday

59 min

Cardio Fit Camp

59 min

Why Silverback XFit?

The Ultimate Shift to Change Your Life

Are you scared to start your journey? Do you feel like your not able to workout because you haven't? Do you feel uncomfortable because you think that you can't? If you answered yes, then Silverback X Fit is for you. We are a gym that allows everyone the Space and Opportunity to move,....

SXFit on the Go

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