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About Silverback XFIT

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

           Are you scared to start your journey? Do you feel like your not able to workout because you haven't? Do you feel uncomfortable because you think that you can't? If you answered yes, then Silverback X Fit is for you.


We are a gym that allows everyone the Space and Opportunity to move. There is no one better than the other. Everyone is on their own path and each path will be a little different. The sooner you start the less self doubt about what you can't do. Come to a environment  that is encouraging no matter what level your at. " I Can, I Will, I Must" is the motto, as we focus on building your mental & physical strength. We want you to believe that as long as you still have life nothing should stop you from being your best you.


All of our classes are self paced with an intense spin that will have you sweating, shredding and building the mindset and body that you desire & deserve. Give yourself time to be great, Give yourself the Space and Opportunity to live. " I Love Myself, I Trust Myself, I Forgive Myself." your life isn't over yet, So don't give up and don't give in. It's Time!! 



Why Silverback XFit

Suitable for Beginners









Professional Trainers

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